Awhy - Proactively engage your customers browsing your website

Customer engagement

Trigger your chatbot and let it automatically interact with your clients. Intercept their needs and offer them tailored offers. 


What does customer engagement mean?

Take care of your visitors before they ask for a problem: once they land on your website, make the first step toward them.

Lead generation and cart recovery are only two of the several possibilities: the customer engagement lets you use the chatbot to engage people browsing your website and offer tailored promotions and communications.

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How does it work?

Automatic engagement

Engaging your users it’s very easy:

  1. From the back panel, click on  “Trigger”;
  2. Set your trigger conditions;
  3. Choose the message you want to be showed;
  4. Convert!

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Birthday promotion
10% Discount

Lead generation

Do you want to gather your users’ e-mail addresses?

With Awhy you can, and you can also import them back in a third-party application.


The retargeting lets you reach your users after they’ve browsed your website: by doing so you can enhance your convention rate or try to understand why they haven’t finalised their purchase.

With Awhy you can use all the retargeting possibilities also on social network! Connect with your clients also through Facebook or Whatsapp.

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Get everything under control

The useful back panel helps you monitor all the previous conversations with your users and their history.

Thanks to the report, you can anytime control the productivity of both the automatic chatbot and the chat agents.