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Intranet Chatbot

Automate processes, improve the communication and the data access of your intranet. Our chatbots are perfectly integrable with all the third-party apps to offer your employees the best possible experience.

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Why should I adopt a chatbot for my intranet?

An intranet is a private network dedicated to you employees. Today an intranet lets your company collaborate, streamline processes and manage every activity more efficiently.

Extremely useful from a theoretical point of view, an efficient implementation of an intranet finds several obstacles today: ease of use, information access, communication.

Those barriers can be overcome thanks to Awhy’s chatbots!

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How does it work?

Processes automation

Requests for vacation, conference room booking… how many requests have to be handled every day?

Let our chatbots automate them.

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Access to your information gets faster

No more time wasted looking for a specific information: just ask Awhy whatever you need, and it gives you rapid access to the documentation.

Better communication and continuous training for your employees

Thanks to our system you’ll be able to provide educational contents to help you employees train themselves, in a new and interactive way.

Not only: use the proactivity to send automatic a tailored communication effortlessly. No more unread e-mail communication.

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Get everything under control

Analyze your employees’ questions and understand what your company needs to improve its competitiveness.

Being aware of your company’s weaknesses is the first step to implement a successful strategy, prevent crisis and boost the productivity!