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Free live chat, forever

Clients first: what happens if they ask to talk to a human? With the live chat, a chat agent can take the conversation over anytime.

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What is a live chat?

A live chat is a normal chat installed onto your website. Users can get in contact with your company and ask questions to your chat agents using a live chat.

With Awhy, the live chat comes in for free: if the requests is too complex to be handled or if the user asks it, a chat agent can take the conversation over.


How does it work?

Notification system

In case of need, Awhy sends a notification to your customer service team. One of your chat agents will be able to take the conversation over and assist your user.

While the chatbot automatically handles up to the 90% of the inbound questions, your chat agents can focus themselves on the more complex requests. 

Do you already use a live chat? Don’t panic: our chatbot can be integrated with all the existent live chat.

Email us for further information.

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Leave your email

What if the chat agent is not available?

Easy: if your chat agents are busy, the automatic system asks the users to leave their e-mail. You’ll be able to get back to them using our back panel.

You can export all the e-mails with a simple click and import them in a different system, in case you’re already using a specific software to manage your tickets.

Get everything under control

You can modify the look of your chatbot, the way it interacts and its personality using the back panel.

Thanks to the report you can always check the efficiency of both your chatbots and the chat agents!