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Improve your customer life with Awhy’s chatbots

You can finally provide smart answers to the questions of your clients.

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Awhy answers your questions in Italian, English and French.

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Why Awhy?


A chatbot answers 24/7 for you. Thanks to NLP and Machine Learning technologies it comprehends the human language, learns with the time and becomes more efficient day after day.

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Live Chat

What if the bot cannot properly answer? Easy: a human chat agent can anytime take the conversation over, thanks to the live chat. Humans and robots can actually work together!

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Customer Engagement

Don’t wait for a problem to happen: engage your clients even before they ask something! Awhy can be triggered to proactively engage your users.
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Fully integrable with social networks and all the main online platforms


About us

“Three elements led us to Awhy: the 2-min integration, the ease of use and the chatbot flexibility. The efficiency of the solution has brought KIKO Milano to adopt it in the entire Europe.”

Alessandro ViscardiHead of Customer Service KIKO Milano

“Awhy’s chatbot is able to automatically answers the client’s questions. The service is active 24/7, and it learns from each conversation becoming more efficient day after day.”

ForbesItaly special edition, the most promising Italian startups

“Founded in Bologna, Awhy works in the CRM industry and creates chatbots which can automate the customer service. This company has developed a proprietary algorithm which comprehends the human language and learns day by day.”

Il Sole 24 Ore

“Awhy, an innovative customer care platform, has been founded by Nabil together with Emanuele Pucci and Gianmarco Nicoletti; the team has developed an automatic-answer system which autonomously replies to the users and lets the company reduce the inbound requests up to the 80%. A chat agent can take the conversation over anytime if needed.”


The Italian answer to Zendesk? Awhy, the new smart customer service for your e-commerce. The endless waiting time to receive assistance is ended: when the requests are too many, Awhy is the solution.”

Nana Bianca

“Awhy is the point of reference for the Italian customer care AI chatbot market.”

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