Awhy - Enterprise chatbots for you customer service

Enterprise chatbots for your customer service

Install the chatbot in less than 2 minutes. Relax and leave it take good care of your customer. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, it grows smarter day after day.

Chatbot conversation

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software that automatically answers your user’s questions.

Starting from your FAQ, our chatbots get smarter day after day and handles your customer requests! 

And for the very complex requests, you can handoff the conversation to your customer service agents.

Question "What is a chatbot"

How we can help you

A learning system

The proprietary Awhy’s technology is able to extract the semantic meaning of a question and match it with the correct answer, no matter how asked.

Not only: the machine learning helps the system solve a higher number of question day after day, reducing the inbound requests up to the 90% of the total. 

2-min installation

Awhy is super easy to install: activate your account, copy and paste the snippet on your website and the chat is ready!

If you are not confident with coding, don’t worry: click here and get in contact with our team. One of us will assist all along the process.

Social network

Let your customers get in touch with you from different sources: Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp. Integrate Awhy with social networks and third-party apps.

Test the potential of an omni-channel customer service.

Email us for further information.

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Question "Can you track my order"?

Order tracking

Did you know that a client out of 4 contacts the customer service only to ask about the status of the order?

Such an easy question cost you on average 3.5€. Don’t panic: starting from today you can give an immediate answer with Awhy!

Our chatbots can indeed track the order in real time and provide the specific information to your customers.

Email us for further information.

Get everything under control

You can modify the look of your chatbot, the way it interacts and its personality using the back panel.

Thanks to the report you can always check the efficiency of both your chatbots and the chat agents!

3 step analysis

A chatbot tailored on your needs

Creating a chatbot that actually works is not an easy thing: tailoring it on the need of your sector and clients is fundamental.

Thanks to our proprietary technology  we can create a bot perfectly integrated with your business and processes.