Chatbot for the customer service of the future

From today on, your customer service scales with your business. Automate the easier questions, and provide human support for the most complex ones.  

Thanks to the artificial intelligence, your chatbot gets smarter day after day and handles more complex questions with the time!



Requests automated


Performance improvement

€ 300k

Yearly cost saving per client

Why Awhy

Not only automated answers: an AI that interacts with your users

Don't settle for general and vague answers. Our chatbots can interact with your customers, gather information and, on this basis, offer the best possible solution. 

Welcome to the new era!

Problem chatbot

Dinamic conversation flows

Provide the best possible answer for any situation: you can easily define several conversation flow using the control panel. Control your chatbot behaviour in different situation by using an easy drag and drop tool!  

Take control of the conversation

Automate your customer service doesn't mean giving up on your client: take the conversation over whenever it's needed thanks to the live chat, and provide a high-end customer support in any situation. 

Live chat

Start from your FAQ

The FAQ on your website represent a very good starting point for your chatbot: starting from there, our chatbots grow their knowledge base with the time and answer an increasing number of questions.

Ready in a few minutes

You can install our chatbots onto your website in a few minutes by pasting a simple code.

Do you need further information? Contact us, our team will be happy to help you. 


Personalise your chatbot and control the system performance

You can access your account and personalize your chatbot: appearance, behaviour, personality.

Not only: you will get access to advanced analytics and receive practical feedback on how to improve your customer service based on what your customers are asking.

Put your customers first:
it's easy, with Awhy