Customer discovery

Grow your sales with our conversational assistants

Use our conversational interfaces to engage users on your website: talk to them, anticipate their needs and lead them to the next stage of the funnel. Set personalised alerts and intervene at the right moment to close the conversion. 

Awhy helps you understand your customer needs and build a tailored proposition for each of them.



Requests automated


Performance improvement

€ 300k

Yearly cost saving per client

Get the most out of every conversation

Get to actually know your customers

With our conversational interfaces you can engage your clients in various situations: after a click, while browsing a certain webpage...  Awhy can automatically ask your clients a question and start a conversation.

During the conversation, you'll be able to gather precious information and qualify your users.

Conosci i tuoi utenti
Live chat

Take control of the conversation and improve your conversion rate

Define your user journeys, and receive alerts when a user is close to the conversion point:  you'll be able to take the conversation over and help her complete the step.

Tailored conversations

Personalise your conversation flows on the information gathered by the chatbot, and provide any user with a tailored experience!

Chatbot employees

Build a customer database and keep it up-to-date

Our conversational interfaces gather and organise the information in a practical dashboard: from here, you can monitor all the conversations and retrieve any important information.


Solutions tailored on your needs

Our AI is proprietary, hence completely customisable: do you want to personalise your analytics?

Talk to us, we will find the best solution together.

Easily integrable with your back end systems

Install Awhy onto your website in a few minutes.
Integrate our conversational interfaces with third-party systems as Salesforce or proprietary CRM.

Put your customers first:
it's easy, with Awhy

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